Well done to everyone who got involved We DID it!!! 7060.57 miles covered by 49 people in under 5 months! The Challenge is now closed…but watch this space for the next one….



This winter we are running a challenge, to encourage people to give up their car, for one journey a week (or more if they can) and replace it either by cycling or walking or working from home. Can we match the distance covered by Mark Beaumont in his Cairo to Cape Town cycle?!





Mark covered a distance of 6718miles (10812km) in only 41days 10 hours and 22min – we’re not attempting anything quite so ambitious. Between the 1st of November, and the 27th of March we will be running a challenge for people to log their journeys made instead of car travel and we will see if cumulatively we can match or beat his mileage. We’ve some fantastic prizes available, so sign up now!


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                    We did it! Well done to all participants, we really showed what a community can achieve when it puts its mind to something and all works together!