A range of providers of social & health care services are active in Huntly & District e.g. NHS, Aberdeenshire Council and the private and voluntary sectors. However, with an aging population, unemployment and poor health and wellbeing statistics, Huntly has a significant demand for different forms of support. Examples include:

  • Undertaking more preventative action at an early stage to ensure people can be maintained within a community setting (i.e. live in their own homes).
  • Supporting initiatives like a respite service in a residentially-based property for people with various health/social care needs across all client groups.
  • Providing increased support for dementia sufferers, including prevention, e.g. day care, EMI nursing homes
  • Creating supported employment, training & volunteer opportunities for those disadvantaged in the workplace e.g. long-term unemployed, ex-offenders, learning disabled and those with mental health problems. This would link with other HDT projects e.g. composting, wood recycling, bicycle refurbishment & woodland management.


The mapping and identification project involved one-to-one interviews with key stakeholders serving the Huntly area. This identified the main issues faced and these in turn were discussed in a stakeholder workshop held in Huntly in March 2011.