Huntly is situated at the confluence of the Rivers Deveron and Bogie. As such, it has the potential to use the renewable hydro-power of the rivers to generate energy to supply local facilities.


In the past, mills and farms used river water to power their operations through waterwheels and lades. Some of these still remain in the Huntly area, although most have fallen into disrepair over the years. However, hydro-power is recognised as an environmentally-friendly source of energy in that it is renewable and does not produce greenhouse gas emissions during its generation. Such ‘green’ power will become more and more valuable as the world seeks to reduce CO2 levels by at least 80% by 2050.


This HDT project seeks to identify the potential to use local watercourses such as the Rivers Deveron and/or Bogie to supply energy to local facilities. A feasibility study will be required to determine the viability of the project. Issues to be examined will include:

  • how much energy could be generated
  • what it could be used for
  • how it could be transported
  • legal issues surrounding energy generation, transportation and distribution
  • potential conflicts with other river users and how they could be resolved, and
  • how much revenue the scheme could create