Up at Greenmyres we’re researching the exciting possibility of creating some green and sustainable covered space whilst working with members of the community to build confidence and skills. We’d like to create a small building: we’re calling it the Eco-bothy: which would give us an accessible toilet and a covered shelter area for running events and activities at Greenmyres.

We’re exploring creating the walls from old pallets and insulating with straw, and the roof from pallets topped with a turf and wildflower roof, to give an environmentally sound space. We plan to work with Networks of Wellbeing to pass on essential construction skills and build confidence in the community as this project progresses. 

To make this happen it would be great if some of the essential building materials: second hand pallets, straw bales etc. could be donated.  If you know of someone who could help please call us at the HDDT office (01466 799416). Thanks!