Huntly & District Car Club

Huntly Development Trust has funding to run a community car club in the Huntly District, car clubs give their members all the benefits of easy access to a car without the cost of car ownership.

Car club members also have access to a range of vehicles depending on their needs including electric vehicles (EV’s), people carriers and wheelchair accessible vehicles.

Car club members pay a small annual membership (£20 – £60) and then only pay when they use a vehicle (typically £2 – 5ph and 13 – 21p per mile).



Per mile


Up to 6 hours


Up to 9 hours


Up to 12 hours


Day rate


                           A typical car club tariff


Huntly & District Car Club membership may include access to a fleet of e – bikes for shorter journeys or when you fancy a change.

We’d like your views on where the vehicles should be located, what type of vehicles you’d like and what type of journeys you’d make in them.

Give us your views at and register your interest in the scheme For more details about the car club or any other Green Travel Hub Projects contact Oliver Giles tel: 01466 799416 or email:




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