Our recent bids to both the Scottish Government’s Climate Challenge Fund and ‘Strengthening Communities’ Programme have been successful!


The Climate Challenge Fund award will allow us to employ a dedicated officer for two years to work on the ‘Room to Roam Green Travel Hub’ project. This project builds on our Huntly Sustainability Plan developed back in 2010 with Robert Gordon University and will allow us to develop and deliver a range of local, healthy and green alternatives to the private car. These include a car club, electric bikes, measures to improve cycling and walking, support for development of Network’s of Wellbeing’s  Bike Shack, public transport promotion, fuel efficient driver training and development of a community video-conferencing/Skype facility. We will look to work with local businesses and our partners in the wider community to maximise the benefits on offer.


The ‘Strengthening Communities’ Programme reflects the fact that over the past ten years, one of the fastest growing areas of the community sector has been the development trust movement. Community owned and led, with a focus on building assets and enterprises, these ‘local anchor organisations’ are seen to have played a key role in developing their communities and building levels of social capital.  Despite their successes, these same organisations are often constrained in what they have been able to do for want of relatively small amounts of working capital and core funding. The Scottish Government has funded HDDT to the tune of £85,085 over the next two years. This will fund the Development Manager’s post, office overheads, some equipment, and training for Board and staff.


Both awards are down to the hard work of a number of people in the Trust and our partners in the wider community. We are very grateful to them for their support.


More info to follow in our newsletter and at our AGM in June but if you have any queries please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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