Greenmyres Consultation Stage 2 Greenmyres Consultation Stage 2 is now open and we need you to give us your comments!


All ideas generated by the community between May and September 2014 have been analysed and incorporated into 3 visions for development at Greenmyres.


Vision 1: Health, Wellbeing & Outdoor Activity

Vision 2: Education, Skills & Culture

Vision 3: Food, Farming & Rural Business


We’d like you to consider all 3 then contact us to tell us:

a. What you consider to be any positives of any of the 3 visions

b. What you consider to be any negatives of any of the 3 visions

c. Details of any individuals / businesses who might be interested in joining us for any of the ventures


Click here for Greenmyres Consultation Stage 2


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