Greenmyres Animation


Hope you like the new animation on this website. We’ve had Mac Lennox, a sixth year pupil from the Gordon Schools and keen animator, in for work experience. For Greenmyres he’s brought a serene photograph of the pond to life. It’s definitely making us feel like Spring is on the way.


With Spring just around the corner what better work to be undertaking than Daffodils, ponds and long walks in the sunshine up at Greenmyres?   HDDT have been accepted onto a scientific trial to see whether the high altitude of Greenmyres, coupled with the Glens of Foudland winters, can prove stressful enough growing conditions for the daffodils. Planted over four sites, all around 290m above sea level, our daffodils have finally shown the first signs of breaking the ground and braving the weather. We’ll keep you updated on progress later in the year.        

And the good news, for those of you who like walking, is that we have secured planning permission for a path which links the buildings at Greenmyres to the Forestry Commission Scotland tracks in Gartly Moor. At just under a kilometre long the path will be wide enough for a variety of users, and gradients will be kept to under 5% to make it easily accessible to use. The next stage for this is to secure funding. It will be a welcome addition to the Room to Roam paths already linked to Huntly and District.  



Lastly, up at Greenmyres we’re researching the exciting possibility of creating a green and sustainable building whilst working with members of the community to build confidence and skills. We’d like to create a small structure: we’re calling it the Eco-bothy: which would give us an accessible toilet and a covered shelter area for running events and activities at Greenmyres.   (Photo 2)   We’re exploring creating the walls from old pallets and insulating with straw, and the roof from pallets topped with a turf and wildflower roof, to give an environmentally sound space. We plan to work with local groups to pass on essential construction skills and build confidence in the community as this project progresses.