HDT recognises that, given the environmental challenges we face and the range of options available to tackle them, it is important to develop a strategic approach to the town’s future development and its resource use. Accordingly, one of the projects proposed in the HDT business plan is the drawing up of a town sustainability plan. This plan will identify opportunities, constraints & priorities for reducing Huntly’s environmental impact so that scarce financial and personnel resources can be targeted at where they can have most impact. Such projects could include:

  • home insulation
  • renewable energy e.g. from local hydropower
  • waste reduction e.g. through local recycling services
  • transportation e.g. development of a rural car club
  • establishment of a local CO2 offset scheme
  • local food initiatives


Developing such a plan will allow public agencies and others to see what Huntly is proposing to undertake in this field in the years ahead and will help them plan their interventions accordingly. The plan will also provide a benchmark for measuring the environmental impact of HDT’s projects.


Download the report here HuSP final report