The 2009 Huntly and District Tourism Strategy recognises that some basic elements of town promotion for Huntly and District have been developed over the course of the last few years and are of good quality. These include the new Huntly brand “Room to Roam”, the annual ‘Welcome to Huntly Country’ brochure and the seasonal ‘HereToday’ magazine. At the same time the strategy finds that these disparate elements are just that – disparate. And with the advent of new technologies, such as social media and mobile applications, continued efforts are needed to create a cohesive offer.


According to the strategy, in order for Huntly to promote itself more effectively to the visitor (and other) markets it will need to, “develop a carefully targeted, coordinated marketing programme”. For the visitor market the strategy recommends “positioning Huntly and District as a quality, short-break destination and touring base, with the Room to Roam brand at the centre of promotion.” A town marketing plan is required to identify how that can best be done, the other markets Huntly should be addressing and how best to reach them.


Given the importance of marketing and tourism to the area, and the strong base from which Huntly can operate, HDT recruited Carolina Kenny as a Tourism and Marketing Officer who was with the Trust for a year. In consultation with Huntly and District Tourism Action Group, Huntly Business Association and Deveron Arts she developed a town-marketing plan as a priority project. This plan aims to guide town marketing efforts over the coming years, hopefully making HDT’s marketing, and that of the whole community, more effective.


Download the marketing plan here Town Marketing Plan 2010- 2014