Co-wheels Huntly is a community car club for Huntly & District promoted by the Huntly & District Development Trust (HDDT).

Funded by the Climate Challenge Fund, Aberdeenshire Council through HDDT’s Room to Roam Green Travel Hub project, and by  Carplus’ Developing Car Clubs in Scotland programme funded by Transport Scotland, Co-Wheels Huntly operates as a franchise of the social enterprise car club operator Co-wheels.

Our members can also use any car in the Co-wheels network across the UK, from as near as Aberdeen to as far away as Bournemouth – there are Co-Wheels cars available all over!

The car club is easy to join, as an individual or an organisation. There is an initial and one off £25 sign up fee, you can visit the Co-Wheels website, click Join, and complete the form (you will require your drivers licence and a valid credit or debit card for this). You then verify your licence using the link given by Co-wheels, and then you can just wait for your membership pack to arrive in the post, as simple as 1, 2, 3!

There is a monthly minimum spend of £5, which is like a membership fee, but if you make a booking that costs at least £5, you don’t pay it!

The cars can be hired for hourly, overnight, or daily rates, and mileage starts from 15p for the Petrol and Hybrid Yaris.

How much do you think your car costs you to run? Try the Car Calculator to find out exactly.

For more information about how the car club works please visit our Frequently Asked Questions  page

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