Who can join?

As long as you have held a full driving license for a minimum of 12 months, be over 19 years old and have no more than 6 points on your license (0 points if 21 or under), you can join (some other exclusion apply, so if in doubt give co-wheels a call on 0191 375 1090).


How do I join?

Memberships can be taken out from the co-wheels website http://franchises.co-wheels.org.uk/huntly/about/ from there, you click Join, and fill in the online form (you will need a valid credit or debit card and your drivers licence to do this). You then complete the DVLA check (you will need you national insurance number for this) using the link provided by co-wheels, and then you just wait for your members pack to arrive in the post!


How do I check if a car is available?

Through the co-wheels website, click Login, and it will ask for your membership number which you will have received in your membership pack, and password. Then, set the location to Huntly, and the times you are looking for and the cars’ information will become available. You can also book the cars by phone by calling co-wheels on 0191 375 1090.


How do I open the car?

Our cars are opened  by pressing your membership card against the reader on the windscreen, and have keyless starting starting. You’ll find  a fuel card in the console at the top of the windscreen.


What if I’m late for my booking?

You will be charged from the beginning of the time of your booking, if you wish to cancel you will be charged for the entire booking, unless someone else requests to book the car. Try to let co-wheels know well in advance if you are no longer requiring the car as there are reduced cancellation fees with more notice given.


What if I want to keep the car longer than I’ve booked it for?

Give co-wheels a call on 0191 375 1090 and they can let you know if you can extend the booking, if no one else has booked the car then this will be fine. You can also extend your booking by using the on-board computer, you will need your pin code (which you set when applying to co-wheels).


What if I can’t park it in the space I got it from?

Park it as close to the correct space as possible and give co-wheels a call on 0191 375 1090 so they can let any other bookings know.


What if the car breaks down?

Give co-wheels a call on their emergency number 0191 375 1051. They will send transport to get you to where you need to be.


How do I refuel the car?

All cars come with a fuel card inside the console next to the rear view mirror. When a tank drops below a quarter full then they need to be topped up – please ensure you use the right fuel! When topping up fuel you need to quote the number plate and the mileage to the cashier as a security check. If for any reason the fuel card is not in the car please top up and keep your receipt, and post this with a note of explanation to co-wheels who will credit you for your fuel cost on your next bill. Please also report the missing fuel card to co-wheels as soon as possible.


What if I lose my membership card?

If you lose your membership card, you must report it immediately to co-wheels on 0191 375 1090. They will send you out a replacement card for £5.