Although there are many good things about living in the AB54 area, one thing which frequently comes up as a disadvantage is slow broadband speeds, particularly in rural parts of our area.


HDDT is running a project to see what individuals and communities might be able to do to improve the situation.  This will involve looking at what individuals can do to help themselves e.g. by changing provider, what communities can do collectively, and what we can get by way of more specific and detailed information from BT about its upgraded programme.


The first step in this project is to establish the current situation across AB54.  We are inviting you to contribute to this by taking a broadband speed test using an online checker – this is free of charge, takes a couple of minutes and does not involve you giving out any information about yourself to the site.  To give consistency we have chosen to use the checker via this link:


Please make a note of the upload and download speeds and the time of day you carried out the test.  To enter your results and give us a bit more information about your broadband experience complete the short survey here.


Once we have gathered all the results we will publish them on the HDDT website.


Thank you for helping us with this project.